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It's the 20th Seiran-Sai Festival over at WaseShibu today!
Fun as always o(^o^)o
And I kinda filled my eyes with nutrients 
But this is slowly making me aware of me age all over again o(>.<)o
Still... Can't wait to get back to Japan ^^"

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Maybe working closing shift today was not such a bad thing after all =x
Cos me got to see groups of Japanese students arriving by the midnight flight today!! xD
When was the last time i had my eye supplements i wonder...
Bt considering my age...
I should change my eye supplements soon! D=

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 It's finally that day today! 
Man.. How I've waited weeks for this to come o(>.<)o
The exchange programme seemed like it took forever to happen D=
And according to what I had wished for...
The Japanese people in this programme were older than me...
But what I did not expect was that they were actually much much older than me =(
In their 30's and above...
Well... I got what I wished for =x

But nice people they were =D
They seem much easier to talk to as compared to the senior high students that I first took.
Hmm... maybe cos students tend to keep to themselves more?
And they started giving me their name cards all of a sudden =x
Stumped I was...
Me have got no name cards to give them o(>.<)o
But I do have to say some of the positions that my group people were holding are quite high actually =x
And one of them has a son that's 23!

And we started our tour at around 9+am.
Man was it a HOT day o(>.<)o
Imagine that most part of our tour required walking to get there and not the use of public transport DD=
I had better lose some weight today!!!
And they treated me for all food and beverages that I consumed today!
I felt bad...
Cos i did receive money from the coordinator of this programme (and it's $80!! used to be $50 only... oh well.. more is always good =x)
Well... cos i'm just a student afterall huh...
But on top of that they got me a present too o(>.<)o
It's a little bear with a flower stalk! Cuteee!!!
Really REALLY nice people!!!
And I find it really amusing whenever they talked about their Shanghai trip before coming to Singapore =x
Saying how they definitely won't go back there..
And how they'll choose Singapore...
Well.. that's good to hear =x

There was a seminar after the trip o(O.O)o
It was supposed to be the compiled research of what they experienced today...
And i'm somewhat impressed by how some of the people really took notice of small things in Singapore...
Like the emergency button in our train stations and such...
And it's also the first time I'm attending this kinda seminar =x
It's a nice experience for me =)
Was really reluctant when the programme was coming to an end D=
Cos I really had a great day with them! o(>.<)o
I'm happy to hear that they'll offer to guide me in Japan when I get there...
But.. this kinda thing...
Hopefully it last!

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Really REALLY tiring day today...
Woke up at 4am for the morning shift at SVC@Changi
And When I'm off work at 2.45pm...
It's straight to the Tampines swimming complex with Pei Xuan (new friend at work!!) =D
Well... cos it rained a little in the afternoon...
It was a little cold o(>.<)o
Together with the chilly wind...
Both of us were freezing whenever we got out of the water =x
But we managed to complete 14laps within 1hr today!!!
Great achievement for me! =x
Cos usually i only complete half of how much i swam today within an hour D=
I had better lose some fats from this!!!

After that it was off to Plaza Singapura =)
Went to Etude House and I got a Lee Min Ho file for free!! =D
But of course it came with a purchase I made =x
Nothing's ever free huh...
And i'm off for my jap class after that...
Long day isn't it.
Thank goodness i'm not on morning shift tomorrow o(>.<)o
Have absolutely NO idea how i'll wake up in the morning if that was the case =x

This list of activities for today is definitely not one that i'll be able to commit to daily!
Think i'll collapse from exhaustion sooner or later DD=

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I have been surviving on less than 4hours of sleep the past few days...
4am: Wake up
5.45am: Work
Till 2.45: End Work
5+,6+pm: Class
I'm Superwoman man o(>.<)o
And this is not going to end anytime soon DD=

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One thing that made me really happy during work today was the 'ang bao' I received!! xDD
Of course having tourists sincerely thanking you for the help that we've provided them is a cause to be happy about too but...
I guess I'm attracted to physical means of reward =x
And the 'ang bao' was actually from my colleague at the SVC =DD
It's cos she won the first prize for 4D!!!
Okay... More specifically...
She won because she bought ibet =x
But hey..!
It's still good money! o(>.<)o
At times like these when I see how easily people strike 4D...
I get sooo tempted to buy one for myself DD=
Look at it this way...
If you strike...
It's instant money $$$ xDD!!!
Who wouldn't want it right!? =x

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Did a walking tour with Jean (my buddy!! =D) today to Terminals 1&3!
And at both terminals...
I managed to see "My Types" again xD
Especially at Terminal 3! 
There was this tan looking guy... around my age? (okay... maybe I'm the older one o(>.<)o)
He went up to the airport CSO to ask (in jap) about whether he could purchase some card for his handphone...
And apparently he can't...
Anyway, the CSO officer began asking him some questions like which part of Japan is he from... and cos I was there at the counter... xDD
I heard the answer! fufufu!! >3
He's from Saitama..? somewhere where there's lots of sun cos that will explain his tan skin? =x
But he looked great in that tan o(>.<)o
And he asked if the bowl of sweets placed on the counter is free! =D
The CSO was real funny! xD
She said that it's free... AND SO IS SHE xDD!!!
The guy then had this amused expression on his face! 
And he went on to say that he'll be staying for one night in Singapore and leaving the next day... His plane will be at 5.40am/pm?
I've no idea =x 
But most likely in the morning?
I'll still be sleeping then DD=
But if it's in the evening... I'll be off work and in church o(>.<)o
So either time is still a no-no for me =x
Crap! How I wanted so much as to say that I was free too!! o(>.<)o
Oh well...
But at Terminal 1... those I saw were high-schoolers?
So definitely younger than me =(
Why am I so old! DD=
Ok... I should stop complaining and sleep now o(z.z)o
Morning shift tomorrow DD=

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I have officially gone through my second day of work... Buddy-less! =x
Cos my buddy got food poisoning...
And there's nothing much I can do about that o(>.<)o
But lucky enough there are some real nice people at work =D
Though I still can't help feeling like a total noob at the job...
But hey!
It's only my second day...
It'll be... better..? soon enough?
That's what Mama Rosie likes to say...
"You'll soon be good at the job" =)
I wonder how much of that will come through =x

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It's my first day of actually working at the SVC at Changi o(>.<)o
With me being super nervous...
It didn't help that my buddy wasn't feeling well on my first day there =x
Felt super lost and stupid standing there DD=
But it slowly got better...
Tended to enquiries by tourists but still pretty noob on the job! =x

I guess the good part to it is that some of the tourists are really nice people and it felt really great talking to them! =)
I'm forced to use my Japanese cos there is really quite a number of Japanese to the SVC o(>.<)o
I am not sad to say that I am SUPER ASHAMED of myself when I speak jap DD=
It's so broken and I practically forget every word of jap that I know o(T.T)o
Oh well... 
Hopefully tomorrow will be better...
Somewhat... =[

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星蘭祭 at ワセシブ is here again!! xDD
Me saw many many "My Types" today =x
*Happiness* o(*-*)o
But as usual...
I didn't manage to enter the haunted house yet again DD=

Didn't manage to go to the open house with Su-Lin this year =(
Busy with internship ya...
Oh well.. I'll be busy soon too =x
Strating from Tuesday =x
So this year I got my Jap class friends to go with me! =D
Arilyn and Pei Fen!! xD
There is this one game we played today that made me rweally rweally HAPPY!! =3
Cos it had the MOST skin contact!!! \(^o^)/
okay... shall shut up now =x
I sound like raving idiot =x
Cos it's those kind of game where you get blindfolded and have only sounds and touch to rely on...
So if a helping hand comes up you'll like grab it straightaway kinda thing... o(>.<)o
And I have to say that some of those hands really grabbed mine firmly xDD!!!!
*Really didn't want to let go* DD=
And cos it was really crowded in there... 
To stall for time, they chatted with us =)
And I remembered one of the guys name!!
He was Kouhei =DD
Questions he asked were, "How old am I?", "Student?"...
I felt happy that he said I looked '16'...
Either that or he just said it to make me happy =x
But either way i'm still happy! =D
*of cos i didn't divulge my real age*
At least I didn't look old =x
The only bad part of this game is that cos I was blindfolded I couldn't see the face of the guy who held my hand DD=
Ahhhh... Wasted! =[
How me rweally rweally love these kinda festivals o(>_<)o

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