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Official First Day of Work! - puringu_daisuki
Official First Day of Work!
It's my first day of actually working at the SVC at Changi o(>.<)o
With me being super nervous...
It didn't help that my buddy wasn't feeling well on my first day there =x
Felt super lost and stupid standing there DD=
But it slowly got better...
Tended to enquiries by tourists but still pretty noob on the job! =x

I guess the good part to it is that some of the tourists are really nice people and it felt really great talking to them! =)
I'm forced to use my Japanese cos there is really quite a number of Japanese to the SVC o(>.<)o
I am not sad to say that I am SUPER ASHAMED of myself when I speak jap DD=
It's so broken and I practically forget every word of jap that I know o(T.T)o
Oh well... 
Hopefully tomorrow will be better...
Somewhat... =[

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craziikino From: craziikino Date: September 24th, 2009 07:47 am (UTC) (Link)
HAHA. I was forced to use my JAPANESE sometime too.
it is ok!
I like it because I can practice. =)
But not for long conversation. I will die! LOL!
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