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While Walking Through the Airport... - puringu_daisuki
While Walking Through the Airport...
Did a walking tour with Jean (my buddy!! =D) today to Terminals 1&3!
And at both terminals...
I managed to see "My Types" again xD
Especially at Terminal 3! 
There was this tan looking guy... around my age? (okay... maybe I'm the older one o(>.<)o)
He went up to the airport CSO to ask (in jap) about whether he could purchase some card for his handphone...
And apparently he can't...
Anyway, the CSO officer began asking him some questions like which part of Japan is he from... and cos I was there at the counter... xDD
I heard the answer! fufufu!! >3
He's from Saitama..? somewhere where there's lots of sun cos that will explain his tan skin? =x
But he looked great in that tan o(>.<)o
And he asked if the bowl of sweets placed on the counter is free! =D
The CSO was real funny! xD
She said that it's free... AND SO IS SHE xDD!!!
The guy then had this amused expression on his face! 
And he went on to say that he'll be staying for one night in Singapore and leaving the next day... His plane will be at 5.40am/pm?
I've no idea =x 
But most likely in the morning?
I'll still be sleeping then DD=
But if it's in the evening... I'll be off work and in church o(>.<)o
So either time is still a no-no for me =x
Crap! How I wanted so much as to say that I was free too!! o(>.<)o
Oh well...
But at Terminal 1... those I saw were high-schoolers?
So definitely younger than me =(
Why am I so old! DD=
Ok... I should stop complaining and sleep now o(z.z)o
Morning shift tomorrow DD=

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