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Training at STB has finally come to an end =((
I really REALLY was not looking forward to the end of it o(>.<)o
I mean...
We had SO much fun as a group!! =DD
Today's itinerary: Changi Chapel and Katong! =)
As well as assessment DD=

Changi Chapel
The memorials of WWll exihibited there made me teared!!! If I was there any longer i SWEAR i'll burst into tears!! o(T-T)o
It really did shake all my emotions up...
But i really do wanna go back for another look some time soon...
Cos it actually is a really nice and serene place.
Moreover, it's free =D

Ate Katong Laksa...
Bought kaya and custard puff from Chin Mee Chin!! xDD
I guess the highlight for me for the trip to Katong was actually the rediscovered FORT located in Katong Park!
All these time no one knew about it until the chairperson of the toilet association noticed grid lines on the ground and how grass never grew on those spots...
He appealed for the government to check up on it but was refused...
But he finally got the National Heritage Association (?? I can't remember exactly which heritage association of Singapore)  to inspect the area...
And sure enough...
Built in the late 1800s by the British soldiers then =D
It really is a nice find don't you think! =)
Oh and a RAINBOW TREE growing admist in Katong park is not to be missed!
The bark looks so rubbery...
Almost fake =x
Thought someone painted and pasted stuff on it initially =x
But that was how the Rainbow Tree is originally supposed to be.
It's supposed to be a kind of eucalyptus tree =D
Really REALLY pretty!!

I have to say i really enjoyed this assessment!
We were all CHEATING through it xD!!
*Psst*, *coughanswerisBcough* were exchanged throughout the whole "test" duration xDD
Really a funny sight!!
HAHA what was more impressive was that one of the trainers also helped out in our cheating escapade!! =DD
And she's Mama Rosie!!! \(^o^)/
Oh man..
How i love her!!
But that is only the first part to the assessment...
And it's role play o(>.<)o
Something that i really do not like cos it makes me so nervous!
But as usual, Mama Rosie was there to 'help' me  =3
She pointed at places on the map that would aid me in giving a more informative account on the scenario that i was faced with =)

We got little souvenirs from STB =DD
And it's all thanks to Koreen!!
She's working in STB itself for a long time already but...
Joined us in the training programme cos she has to be involved in the F1 preparation.
Well... the souvenirs were a luggage tag and a keychain =)
Small but hey!
It's the heart that counts! xD 
But they're prettily designed so i'm satisfied with having them =]

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The 9th day of training...
And I am already starting to miss everyone in this training programme o(>.<)o
It was classroom session today again...
But we really had fun...
Role plays.. penning down our thoughts on the board...
Sounds boring BUT...
It is US that made the whole thing fun!! xDD
And the trainers had prepared really nice snacks during our short breaks in between today...
Breakfast was Pau and Siew Mai...
And Teabreak they treated us to Macdonalds ice-cream cone!! =DD
I know it's cheap and all but it's really the heart that counts!
Wonderful People at STB...
Love them all!!!

This doesn't change the fact that I'll still be having my assessment TOMORROW!!! DD=
I feel so unprepared o(>.<)o
And just like studying for those exams that we get in school...
I have absolutely NO MOTIVATION whatsoever to read up on the stuff that will attribute to my product knowledge...
Even if I do... 
I can barely remember anything!
Oh well...
I'll just take it as it comes I guess =((

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It's the 8th day of training!
And today's session entails something that I really hate o(>.<)o
Classroom session!
The thought of just sitting there and listening is not really a very interesting to do =x
But at least the trainers made it more lively but slotting in activities to do such as role playing...
Which (by the way) is not something that i enjoy doing too DD=
I really love acting out the role of a customer and act all demanding!!! >D

After that we had our uniform fitting =DD
The uniform's nice but...
It made everyone look like pregnant ladies DD=
Oh well...
As for the roster...
Although it was said that it'll only be released on Friday...
I managed to find it!
And like what they said...
I'll be at T2 but...
My friend will be in T3!!! DD=
Well... although I'll be in T1 into my second week on the job but...
She will still be in T3 =((
And... I can't work late shifts on Mondays, Tuesdays, and soon Thursdays and Fridays!!!
I think i'm soooo gonna be hated by the people doing up the roster and those that would have to take over my late shifts o(>.<)o

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It's the 7th day of training at STB!
So today's itinerary:
Little India - Free Breakfast (around $5/person?)
Kampong Glam
Chinatown - Chinatown Heritage Centre $10
TOTAL - $15

Actually... after today's tour around the area...
I'm beginning to appreciate the cultures here all over again =x
And going to all the textile shops are tempting me to buy those garment cloths and then getting a tailor to sew it into clothes for me DD=
And I'm starting to LOVE wholesalers!!! xDD
Maybe I'll do my New Year clothes shopping here! =DD

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It's already the sixth day of training DD=
Four more days of training left before the official work begins =x
But i really do dread classroom sessions o(>.<)o
It's information overload for me =((
Knowing all the attractions in Singapore...
The kind of service standard to be expected...
The different buses or transport that can be taken to the place...
The different prices... DD=
*DIES* o(x.x)o
Luckily the classroom seesion was only in the morning =x
Had a Changi Airport Walkabout after that =x
I think I'm gonna be at the SVC in T2 DD=
T2 is busyyyyyy o(>.<)o
And when i told them of the days that I can't do night shifts...
The Trainers faces turned a certain colour =x
I am so dead!

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After many years of seeing people boarding the Duck Tours and me not being one of them...
Well... I finally got to ride onboard it today!!! xDD
For one thing..
It's really pricey, that's why if you do not have a complimentary ride to it...
Most locals would not pay to get on it =x
Cos this is part of the training for STB so...
It's FREE!!! \(^o^)/
The experience you get onboard the Duck Tour is really...
Unique and Fun in a way...
It's really something you won't get elsewhere but...
Once is definitely enough! =x

Anyway today's training itinerary:
Drive thru Holland Village, Orchard Road, Bugis, Johore Bahru Bus Service, Dempsey Road, Tanglin
National Orchid Garden - $5
Duck Tours - $50?
TOTAL - $55

I really wanna dine at Dempsey Road o(>.<)o
The food looks good DD=
Though it was ONLY a drive thru...
I managed to catch glimpses of it =(
And we were supposed to have dinner at Newton Circus but...
The food centre was closed!
Can you believe it!!? o(O.O)o
They said it was cos they need to do spring cleaning for the Seventh month DD=
Oh man...
But Jia Yi, Darren (an intern from SP) and Me had dinner at Makansutra, Glutton Bay instead...
It's was good =))
Had Stingray, satay, carrot cake and oyster omelette =DD
Plus live music!!! xDD
The live band singing was from DXO.. just beside makansutra =D
Loved the songs they sang...
Oldies and songs from my Secondary school days!
How I miss those days sooooo much!!!

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It's the forth day of training for STB!
And it's to Sentosa =DD
Itinerary consisted of:
The Merlion - $8
Images of Singapore - $10
Luge & Skyride - $11
Tiger Sky Tower - $12
4D Magix - $18
CineBlast - $18
Desparados - $12
Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom - $16
Fort Siloso - $8
Songs of the Sea - $10
GoGreen - Segway Eco Adventure - $35
TOTAL: $158!!!!!!!!

Look at how much we can cheat the tourist of their money in one day!!! o(O.O)o
And of course i got to enjoy all these attractions for free xDD!!
No way am I forking out those money for the attractions o(>.<)o
Cos some of it are really not worth the money!
No one in the right mind would be paying that much for attractions in one day man!
Ok... maybe to tourists its a different thing =x
But I still enjoyed myself nonetheless =DD
With all the free goodies i enjoyed o(^-^)o
Anyway it's only for these 10 days of training..
Afterwards i'll officially start work o(>.<)o
And i think i'm gonna start at the SVC at Changi first!!!
Oh man...
I really wanted the one at Orchard first! DD=

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The third day of training came and went, just like that! =x
What it consisted of today:
Hippo Bus City Tour - $23
Marina Barrage
Marina South Pier
Singapore Flyer - $30
Boat Ride along the Singapore River - $13
Asian Civilisation Museum - $>10? =x
Walking from Boat Quay to Clarke Quay and then to Robertson Quay...

So... the total cost for all those paying attractions would amount to around $80...
Kudos to STB training programme!! >D
And I managed to replenish nutrients for my eyes too!!! o(*o*)o
But somehow it doesn't work for my legs DD=
I'm still feeling sore from the walking o(>.<)o

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It's the second day of training for STB and...
We had fam trips to the Zoo and Night Safari!!! xDD
It was REALLY really exciting today!!!
Cos it's been ages since my last time to the zoo...
And as for Night Safari...
It's my first time there! =DD
But it was really crowded for Night Safari...
Cos it is 'The World's First Night Safari' kinda thing...
Makes it more attractive to people huh =x
But cos it's dark...
I could barely see the animals behind the glass panel DD=
And quite a few of the animal exhibits were sleeping too...
Hey.. Animals in the Singapore zoo are actually leading a really good life you know.
They're well fed and worries of being hunted by predators is totally absent!
Plus not forgetting the number of Japanese to the attraction xDD!!
But why are all the guys accompanied by girls?! why why!!?

Ah oh well...
Anyway as for the day zoo...
We took a boat ride!! A new attraction implemented within the zoo =))
HAHA something i would not spend on if it is at my own expense =x
So it's really good that the training provided by STB covered lots of paid stuff o(^-^)o
But cos going to the zoo meant that lots of walking must be done...
I'm totally exhausted right now o(>.<)o
My legs can barely move and i'm feeling all sleepy.
Thank goodness training starts in the afternoon tomorrow!
Cos if it's in the morning...
I've no idea how i'm gonna wake up =x

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SIP officially starts TODAY!
There goes my holiday...
Though I'll only officially START work when I'm into the third week at STB =x
Cos it's training now...
I guess it isn't so bad yet.
Feels just like... attending a lecture?
Okay.. it's a funny way to describe it o(>.<)o
Anyway we started off with a classroom session in the morning, and then had field trips in the afternoon =DD
Though the field trips were only to museums...
National Museum and Peranakan Museum to be exact.
The experience was rather enriching... i would say =x

Oh well...
I'm actually looking more forward to tomorrow...
Cos we'll be going to the zoo xDD!!!!
It's been ages since my last time there... i think... =[
But after the zoo it'll be the Night Safari!!! xDD
And it'll be my FIRST time there o(^o^)o
Will be seeing lots of animals in one day =x
and doing lots of walking!
*excited* o(*-*)o

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