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Me Received Ang Bao!! \(^o^)/ - puringu_daisuki
Me Received Ang Bao!! \(^o^)/
One thing that made me really happy during work today was the 'ang bao' I received!! xDD
Of course having tourists sincerely thanking you for the help that we've provided them is a cause to be happy about too but...
I guess I'm attracted to physical means of reward =x
And the 'ang bao' was actually from my colleague at the SVC =DD
It's cos she won the first prize for 4D!!!
Okay... More specifically...
She won because she bought ibet =x
But hey..!
It's still good money! o(>.<)o
At times like these when I see how easily people strike 4D...
I get sooo tempted to buy one for myself DD=
Look at it this way...
If you strike...
It's instant money $$$ xDD!!!
Who wouldn't want it right!? =x

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