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Work, Swim, Class o(O.o)o - puringu_daisuki
Work, Swim, Class o(O.o)o
Really REALLY tiring day today...
Woke up at 4am for the morning shift at SVC@Changi
And When I'm off work at 2.45pm...
It's straight to the Tampines swimming complex with Pei Xuan (new friend at work!!) =D
Well... cos it rained a little in the afternoon...
It was a little cold o(>.<)o
Together with the chilly wind...
Both of us were freezing whenever we got out of the water =x
But we managed to complete 14laps within 1hr today!!!
Great achievement for me! =x
Cos usually i only complete half of how much i swam today within an hour D=
I had better lose some fats from this!!!

After that it was off to Plaza Singapura =)
Went to Etude House and I got a Lee Min Ho file for free!! =D
But of course it came with a purchase I made =x
Nothing's ever free huh...
And i'm off for my jap class after that...
Long day isn't it.
Thank goodness i'm not on morning shift tomorrow o(>.<)o
Have absolutely NO idea how i'll wake up in the morning if that was the case =x

This list of activities for today is definitely not one that i'll be able to commit to daily!
Think i'll collapse from exhaustion sooner or later DD=

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