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JCS & JMA Collaboration Exchange Programme!! - puringu_daisuki
JCS & JMA Collaboration Exchange Programme!!
 It's finally that day today! 
Man.. How I've waited weeks for this to come o(>.<)o
The exchange programme seemed like it took forever to happen D=
And according to what I had wished for...
The Japanese people in this programme were older than me...
But what I did not expect was that they were actually much much older than me =(
In their 30's and above...
Well... I got what I wished for =x

But nice people they were =D
They seem much easier to talk to as compared to the senior high students that I first took.
Hmm... maybe cos students tend to keep to themselves more?
And they started giving me their name cards all of a sudden =x
Stumped I was...
Me have got no name cards to give them o(>.<)o
But I do have to say some of the positions that my group people were holding are quite high actually =x
And one of them has a son that's 23!

And we started our tour at around 9+am.
Man was it a HOT day o(>.<)o
Imagine that most part of our tour required walking to get there and not the use of public transport DD=
I had better lose some weight today!!!
And they treated me for all food and beverages that I consumed today!
I felt bad...
Cos i did receive money from the coordinator of this programme (and it's $80!! used to be $50 only... oh well.. more is always good =x)
Well... cos i'm just a student afterall huh...
But on top of that they got me a present too o(>.<)o
It's a little bear with a flower stalk! Cuteee!!!
Really REALLY nice people!!!
And I find it really amusing whenever they talked about their Shanghai trip before coming to Singapore =x
Saying how they definitely won't go back there..
And how they'll choose Singapore...
Well.. that's good to hear =x

There was a seminar after the trip o(O.O)o
It was supposed to be the compiled research of what they experienced today...
And i'm somewhat impressed by how some of the people really took notice of small things in Singapore...
Like the emergency button in our train stations and such...
And it's also the first time I'm attending this kinda seminar =x
It's a nice experience for me =)
Was really reluctant when the programme was coming to an end D=
Cos I really had a great day with them! o(>.<)o
I'm happy to hear that they'll offer to guide me in Japan when I get there...
But.. this kinda thing...
Hopefully it last!

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